Different Options For Photo Blocks

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There are many ways to display a photo. One of the most common is to use a frame. Another is to use a block. Blocks for displaying photos have to be transparent. Otherwise, they would be useless for the job. Blocks for displaying photos can be made of different materials. There are pros and cons of using different materials for photos. One of the biggest advantages of using acrylic is that it is cheap. Glass is cheap too but it is still more expensive than acrylic. There are at least six to seven alternatives for glass when it comes to photo frames.

Mineral glass:

Mineral glass is a very popular component of photo frames. As the name suggests, it is made of minerals. Mineral glass is very graceful and makes the best photo frames. Acrylic is fast catching up to mineral glass but cannot match its shine. This is why acrylic blocks are far cheaper than those made of mineral glass. Photo blocks made of mineral glass are harder to manufacture than acrylic or synthetic blocks. This means that mass production can sometimes be difficult. This also means that glass photo blocks are generally more costly than their synthetic counterparts. Many people prefer glass because it is seen as a lucky product.

Tempered glass:

Tempered glass is a lot like mineral glass. It is made of ordinary glass tempered at a high temp. This improves the overall finish of the glass surface. Tempered glass is often used to make photo blocks. It is ideal for making high quality photo blocks. The blocks made of tempered glass are resistant to shock and pressure. They also have a more gleaming surface. Their resistance to heat and pressure makes them very suitable for photo blocks. Photo blocks are often dropped to the ground. This causes them to break or to be damaged. Using tempered glass can reduce the harm in such instances by a great degree.

Acrylic blocks:

Acrylic is a synthetic substance. It is a lot like glass. Visually, it is hard to differentiate it from glass. You can hardly tell glass and acrylic apart from each other. This is because acrylic looks and feels like glass. Acrylic is transparent to begin with. Colours can be added to make it more beautiful. However, most people prefer acrylic blocks to be transparent. They do not like acrylic blocks that are tinged with colour. Acrylic blocks for photos need to be fully transparent. Acrylic blocks for photos can have some tint to them but it had to be very light. The lighter the colour tint, the better the acrylic photo block. This is why eighty to ninety percent of all acrylic photo blocks are transparent in colour. Only a few people prefer acrylic blocks with added colour in them.

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