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The day when the girl is going to tie a sacred bond with the love of her life is the most memorable and the most emotionally happy day of her life. This the day when she refuses to look bad and hence, does a lot of work to make sure she is getting the best dress and the best hair and makeup in Melbourne CBD. As easy as makeup looks, it is surely not as easy. Each of the people we meet in our day to day life has different facial features and different highlighting points. It is all the game of selecting the right colours that blend to make a perfect romantic wedding look.  

For the day for which, she with her better half to be, has done a lot of work, searching for the best venue in the budget. The best decorators who can create the theme she and her fiancé had in their mind. Searching for the perfect dress that shows her personality but also flattering for her groom. 

Acknowledging the reason:

The bridal makeup artist must acknowledge the reason and deeply keep in their minds that why a bride wants to look perfect. First of all, it is her day and she deserve to look best from all possible aspects and angles. She wants to feel like a bride. She wants to feel beautiful and she wants to feel butterflies flying in her belly even when she imagined the face of her fiancé looking at her and being amazed by her beauty So, of course, in the end, she wants tell her fiancé that I am so happy today that I am looking this beautiful for you. So, the artist has to make sure that the bride is feeling like a bride after the makeover.

Bringing out the personality:  

What makeup does the best, when done with perfection is bringing out the true personality of the person? So, after the consultation session with the bride, the bridal artist must come up the specific wedding hair and makeup that is showcasing the colours of the personality of the bride but, it is soft and romantic as well. This is actually a challenge for the perfect bridal makeup artist because both the bride and the groom are constantly feeling romantic; hence, they will be attracted to a softer look, unless a bride demands some bold colour. So, the choice of colours must be accordingly. 

That why here at jenny beauty, we do our own homework before giving the bride the look she demanded so that she feels like a bride after the makeover is completed. We also give relaxing massages and spa-like experiences to calm down the nervous noises in bride’s head so she feels relaxed and happy afterwards. A bride is nervous till she gets married, once the ceremony is done, she is completely okay with everything. 

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