Tips On Windows Glass Repair

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When it comes to security from the external sources especially when it is your house at stake then windows are your main culprit. Without windows you cannot emphasize that how critical your security is at risk.  

Anything can happen to you such as a break in can occur or some intruder can get in or the nature can turn against you such as snow or rain can come into your house. It is utmost important that if you have any windows that needs repairing then please do get it done. With window glass repair you can have many advantages while you stay in your home. 

Here we will talk about some tips on how to do window glass repair in Perth so that you can be secured from external factors that lurk hidden. 

  1. In many cases we have seen that repairing a glass can be achieved by simply replacing it and to do that you will need to first remove all the broken glass that you find so that you can work further. Please do wear some sort of thick gloves as this will entail on your safety and no harm can be done while you work on it.  
  2. As we have mentioned that replacement is a quick step in window glass repair so after removing all the pieces of glass from the frame, then comes the time to remove all the putty that still lurks within the frame of the window. You will be required to remove all the putty from the interior of frame so that new putty can be laid and a new glass can be installed in it. For this process we recommend that use a putty knife that can remove all the putty. It is a nuance to remove it and rather time consuming but if the putty is struggling to come out well then heat is the best source to get rid of it. Anything like a heat gun can work miracles in removing the putty.  For more information about semi frameless shower screens you can see this page.
  3. In many cases people will tend to fix a small crack in the window by simply using a sealant so that no leaks or fog can occur when the season comes of winter or rainy season. However this is a temporary fix but it won’t last long so window glass repair can be done by replacing the whole glass. 
  4. Once all the glass is removed and old putty gone then simply apply a layer of new putty but please make sure that the putty applied should not to be too much or too little, just enough that the glass can be sealed in. With these few steps you can be assured that window glass repair can become an easy job however we do recommend that please get a professional to do it so that the work can be done efficiently and quickly. So just visit us at and get your windows fixed.  

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