Obesity – What is obesity

Obesity is defined as the abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat in the body that can have a negative impact on health. It is often possible to tell that you are overweight or obese just by the look but a better way is to calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI) based of the weight (in kilograms) and height (meters).  A BMI of 30kg/m2 and above is considered obesity and below 18.5kg/m2 is underweight.

Obesity statistics

According to World Health Organization (WHO) obesity is a global epidemic and virtually all high and middle income countries are affected. The only remaining region is sub-Saharan Africa. In the United States of America more than a third (35.7%) of the adults is affected and approximately 17% of children and adolescents aged 2-19 years are obese according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In 2010 CDC report, it is indicated that the highest obesity rate (34.0%) was recorded in Mississippi and the lowest rates (21.0%) in Colorado. The states that had the highest rates were West Virginia (32.5%), Kentucky (31.3%), South Carolina (31.5%) and Missouri (30.5%). Those with the lowest obesity rates were Connecticut (22.5%), District of Columbia (22.2%) and Hawaii (22.7%). There rest had rates intermediate between these extremes.

Research done by Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) had the following findings; Non-Hispanic blacks had the highest rates of obesity (44.1%) compared with Mexican Americans (39.3%), all Hispanics (37.9%) and non-Hispanic whites (32.6%).

  • Obesity and socioeconomic status

Non-Hispanic black and Mexican-American men with higher incomes are at a higher risk of developing obesity compared to those with low income. Women with higher income are less likely to be obese than those with low-income. There is no relationship between obesity and education among men but in women, lower educational level is associated with increased risk is increased.

Causes of obesity

  • Increased calorie intake and reduced expenditure; when you take high calorie diets more energy will be available. If this energy not spent, it is converted into fat which is deposited in various tissues to causing obesity.
  • Physical inactivity has well established association with obesity. Exercise helps burn the excess fat as it is used to provide energy for muscular contraction. If the physical inactivity is secondary to illness or injury, losing weight can be very challenging.
  • Genetic predisposition; if there is history of obesity in your family you are at increased risk of developing obesity.
  • Some diseases are inevitably associated with obesity such as Cushing syndrome and Diabetes Mellitus. Obesity of this kind is treated by correcting the underlying disease.
  • Excessive intake of alcohol; especially at risk are those who take binge and beer (binge eating disorder –BED)

Obesity facts

Obesity is a disease that affects 34 percent of the adult population aged over 20 years. It is also a fact that obesity is more common in women than men in the United States with 35.5% of women and 32.2% of men affected. Children too are affected.

Obesity is a well-recognized cause of some of the most dreaded diseases (hypertension, stroke, diabetes mellitus and cancer) in the world. Such diseases have high morbidity and mortality rate. This makes obesity a world epidemic and necessary steps should be taken to avert it.

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Are You Still Prepared To Do Nothing About Looking Fat

Over the holiday season, all of us eat and drink too much. Your day of reckoning will arrive soon. You will look at the mirror and you will feign shock about what you see. You will decide to go on a diet immediately. At that point, this article will be important to you.

Most people will try to lose the weight that they gained over the holiday season, by going on a diet. Unfortunately, going on a diet will not help them to lose what they are seeing in the mirror.

You dont see weight when you look at the mirror. What you see is fat. It could be around your waist, hips, thighs, legs, arms or face. This is what persuades you to go on a diet, but you dont lose fat by dieting.

It is very easy to pile on fat over the holiday season. You add fat to you body by eating more calories than you use. You gain 1 pound of fat per 3,500 calories that you consume, but dont use. Over the holiday season, you eat and drink more than usual, and you are probably less active than you usually are.

If you just reduce your consumption of calories so that it is less than the number of calories that you use, you wont lose the fat. You can only lose fat by exercising. Sadly, most people think that fat loss is the same as weight loss; it is not.

What Happens If You Diet, But Dont Exercise?

Dieting, without exercise, can result in weight loss. Your scales will confirm this. The weight loss will be due to a loss of water from your body and its muscles. You will not have lost fat. Whatsmore, it is almost certain that you will regain the weight that you lost, because you body will automatically replenish its water level when you finish the diet.

What Is the Answer?

To lose the unwanted fat that you see in the mirror, you must do a regular exercise routine that burns fat. You should also adopt a way of eating that helps your body to lose fat, from the exercise. There is much for you to learn about fat burning exercise and eating routines that help you to lose the fat.

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How a Detox Diet Can Jump Start Your Weight Loss

We are always looking for the best weight loss methods. We try out different slimming pills, nutritional supplements and diet plans, which do not conclude the expected results. There are so many weight loss methods, which offer miraculous results, but we are unable to try them all. As a first step when losing weight it is advisory to ask for expert advice, for those diet plans which really work. Finding an effective diet plan it is not enough. We need that diet, which not only has great results but are also safe for our body, strengthens our metabolism and keeps our body and mind healthy.

When we are looking for this type of diet, offering these benefits a detox diet is what we need. This clinically tested and proved way of weight loss not only takes up a few days and helps us get rid of the unnecessary fat, but also detoxifies our whole body, strengthening our natural detox system and immune system, giving us energy and vitality. Before starting a detox diet always ask a specialist, a doctor, who can give you all the necessary information and answer connected to this type of diet. There are so many chemicals and toxins getting into our body each day that a proper detoxification is needed to get our energy and body health back. Following a detox diet can eliminate all the harmful toxic materials and in the same time is beneficial for weight loss. There are three major components: water, raw fruits and vegetables.

Drinking lots of water every day helps your stomach feel fuller between meals, this way you will eat less; water also having a great detoxifying effect is getting out the harmful toxins in the fastest way out of your organism. And as a bonus, water is also beneficial for your skin and organs. Raw fruits and vegetables should be the major ingredients of your daily meal. Being high in vitamin A, C and E they have a major anti-oxidant role; near that they eliminate the toxic materials from your body giving the needed supply of nutrients, minerals and vitamins and the fiber they contain helps in the enhancement of your digestive system. After finishing a detox diet you will notice immediate results, such as weight loss, healthy body and skin, enhanced energy, clearer thinking and a toxic free organism and body you will feel accomplished with.
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The Truth about Comforters and Bed Spreads

When you start shopping for bedding it can get very confusing between all the different brands, materials, sizes, designs in all the different types of comforters and bed spreads on the market today. If you are like most people you are wondering what is the difference between these two items then hopefully this article will help you which you prefer to have sitting on your bed.


They have been designed to sit on the top of a bed. Not to cover it entirely but to sit just below the pillows on your bed. Then you would purchase a bed skirt to match your bedding so that it covers the box springs of your mattress. This one is the smaller of the two and you will find this type of bedding comes in every size from twin all the way up to king sizes. This type of bed covering isn’t just to make everything look pretty. It is very functional and warm and comfortable for you to use as you bed blanket. You can find a lot of different types of this bedding and some even are quilted or reversible.

Bed Spreads

They are designed to cover the entire bed as well as the pillows and then cover the box springs.  This is the bigger option of the two types of bed coverings. However you will find that there are sizes for every bed in this type of bed covering. This type of bed covering is not a blanket but rather is just to make your bed look tidy and pretty when you are not in it. The fabric is much more delicate and you won’t want to wash it as often as you might the other bedding on your bed.

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No matter which type you choose whether it’s one of the other or even if you want both you will love how beautiful they look on your bed.

5 Must-Know Tips on How to Do Weight Training to Burn Fat

Weight exercise is considered extremely perfect in burning fat for the reason that it helps construct muscle at the same time elevates your metabolism. Every pound of muscle you add up to your body will help burn additional 50 calories daily. If you are going to equate this, you will acquire burned calories of approximately 350 every week.  Just imagine how many calories you will shake off if you will add ten excess muscle pounds? You will most likely shake off 500 excess calories daily or 3500 weekly. In other words, you will be losing one pound every week. Is it not wonderful? If you want to learn the efficiency of weight training to burn fat, just follow the simple tips that will be discussed below. The tips are moderately easy to do!

Do Weight Training to Burn Fat

Tip #1: Define the Excess post-exercise consumption or EPOC.

This indicates your metabolic speed being raised for a lengthy time after working out. Excess post-exercise consumption is not applicable to light as well as short term exercise. It only works after a powerful workout because your metabolic speed will be raised from 12 to 24 hours, which signifies that you will be shaking off calories at the highest speed for an extended period of time even if you do not have to perform something. However, you should select the most excellent form of training for this workout.

Tip #2: Do interval training.
Article source : – Gain Muscle Tissue.

It is just a strong period of workout pursued by a little bit of powerful period of workout. It means you must obtain workout effect portions divided by brief relaxation times. You can employ cardio workout on this type of training to intensify your EPOC. Even if cardio workout is not considered weight training it is more directly connected to it because the extreme time of workout is similar to giving your body under pressure. You can practice having strong cardio workout for a minute then relax for two minutes. You can carry on this series for the remainder of your exercise.

Tip #3: Try the tabata type.

This is an extremely powerful type of exercise. It works on a ratio of 2 is to 1 per 20 seconds training time. It also involves 8-round sessions. You can perform an assortment of tabata sessions together with the distinctive regions of your body. This type of exercise only requires you to utilize bodyweight workout or throw in dumbbells or barbell weight workouts.

Tip #4: Try the circuit weight exercise.

This kind of exercise is considered fairly strong as well. If you want to do weight lifting workout, it will become a segment of excellent series. There are so many things you can do with regards to this kind of training. Since this is considered an extremely powerful training, you will be assured of enhanced fat deficit to a new height.

Tip #5: Do cardio exercise.

This is another means of weight training that will help you burn fat more efficiently. It requires giving your body a total of three minutes relaxation between each weight lifting series. However, as a replacement for sitting around and just gazing at the clock, or talking with someone on the place of workout, you should do three minutes cardio to raise the amount of calories you will burn as well as elevate your fat loss capability.

There are wonderful exercises to help you lose weight and burn fat. The secret is to know what EPOC is and then check on the available options that will help you lose weight. From here, you can begin your routine accordingly.

Weight Watcher Restaurant Point Tracking

Weight Watchers is one of the most successful diet plans around.  And it’s successful because it works and it has worked for a very long time.  It’s done on a point system rather than a calorie of fat intake.  And it even accounts for eating out with the Weight Watcher Restaurant Point Tracking system. With weight watchers point system you can eat anything you want.

It’s all about moderation rather than foods you can or cannot eat.  You know what this means ?  It means you can go out for a meal and have a worry free dining experience.  No fretting about whether you eat it or not because all you need to know is the point value and thanks to Weight Watcher Restaurant point tracking they’ve even simplified that for you.  All you need to do is invest in the Weight Watchers Dining Out Companion.  Here you’ll find a list of the most popular restaurants in America combined with a list of meals and their point value. The handy guide fits in your purse or your pocket.  It really gets no easier than this!
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Besides listing points for entrees Weight Watcher Restaurant point tracker also lists appetizers, deserts, or those once in a while treats such as that favorite Krispy Kreme donut. There’s more.  Fast food wasn’t left out of your dining companion.   Restaurants like Taco Bell or McDonald’s are listed in the book.

Even your favorite coffee house is listed.  If you love Starbucks brewed coffee or you can’t live without your caffe mocha it’s all listed.

Besides weight watcher restaurant point tracking some restaurants have actually jumped on board by including weight watcher point values on their menus.  Restaurants realize that there is customers to be enticed to visit often because of convenience.

Weight Watcher restaurant tracking is also available online.  Many sites provide this information for free which is also very helpful.  Weight loss is serious business and it’s also taken serious by those that are trying to loose the weight.  The weight watcher system is simple to use and that encourages successful results.  There are several ways you can eat out, still eat healthy, and stay within your point system.  Start by not going out on an empty stomach.  Have a snack so that you won’t be as hungry for your restaurant entrée.

You can also alternate between wine and water to save on points. Your allowance on soda and alcohol can be used up quickly and this is a great way to stretch your points.

You should always request your salad dressing or sauces on the side and remember to control your portion size.  You do not have to eat everything on your plate.  You can always pack up your left over’s and take them home.

Take your time and eat slowly.  This will help you both enjoy your meal and reduce the amount you eat so your can keep your points in balance. And of course don’t forget to always have your weight watcher restaurant point tracking with you.  That way you can relax because there’s no food surprises.

The Good Thing About Weight Loss Supplements

There are several weight loss supplements all over the online and offline drugstores and shops available for all people today. Your options are endless but you have to choose the best product that is reliable, healthy, effective, affordable to your pocket and can give so much benefits.

These diet tablets and pills vary in different ways. You should examine them one by one and carefully read their ingredients. It is always good to have an advice coming form your doctor or a health expert about your chosen diet medicine. Discuss with them your health condition and if ever you are allowed to take these medicines.

Your health is the optimum concern so it is better to be sure and safe. There are some factors you have to consider before you can make your final choice. Think about the effectivity rate of your chosen products and examine whether the results will be just the same if you go for exercise routines and other weight reduction techniques.

There are also herbal tablets and pills that are proven to be effective and research studies also supported the claim of their effectivity in reducing overeating, fast body metabolism and at the same time fast burning of body fats.

Another thing to consider is the medicines accessibility and convenience. But through the internet, you can online for your chosen drugs. Some of these drugs can be availed without the need of the doctors prescription and are officially approved. So these can be shipped or mailed to you as soon as you made an order.

Next is the diet tablets cost effectiveness, whether you get the best quality product out of your money. You should know that most of these products are much cheaper than any other diet products with and without physicians prescription. Better examine if the diet pills have sufficient scientific evidence of its effectivity in losing weight.
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There are some diet supplements that are usually recommended by most top health experts and professional dieticians. And these diet medicines are usually supported and backed up with clinical studies and research. You will learn these information through the website of the different companies. You can also check their safety and regulatory certificates. Choose a diet pills that received a CE mark that proves that the medicine passed the safety and efficacy tests.

Switch to weight loss supplements which are proven to be effective and healthy to use by anyone who wishes to have a perfect and healthy body. Start your search and be confident.

Aerobic Exercise For The Heart

With concerns over the new health care bill and the continuous deteriorating of the nations health as a whole, more and more Americans are from to pay attention when experts speak on the area of health and exercise. Many people associate the area of exercise and fitness with body builders in a crowded gym but this is not the reality that most people should be relating to. For the normal person a regular routine of 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 age per week can bear about appreciable improvements in health and fitness levels. This can be as austere as a brisk ascendancy walk about your neighborhood.

It is not necessary to spend hours everyday to see benefits, however, amuse note that the more time and effort you put in the more you will avail from greater than before animation and amplified health. Ideally a complete exercise program will combine elements of strength training and calisthenics but for the purpose of this article we will be concentrating on the belongings of aerobic exercise.

What are the payback of aerobic exercise? The most important avail of aerobic exercise is the strengthening of the basis and circulatory system. The core purpose of aerobic exercise is to increase the basis rate to achieve a target basis rate. When the basis rate increases the basis must work harder to carry blood to the body. This has two very admiring belongings on the body. First it strengthens the muscles of the basis itself. Second, the rush of blood arterial the circulatory system prevents clogging of the arteries and can help remove build up that may have by now started.

Another avail of aerobic exercise is that as the basis becomes stronger it enables one to exercise and act each day activities with greater endurance. You may be able to enjoy activities that you have not performed in years. Over time you will be able to act workout programs and activities without your basis needing to work as hard or beat as fast. Regular aerobic exercise will allow you to keep up with your kids or grandkids with ease which can add a side avail of improving your relationships.

The third major benefit, much like the first discussed above is the improvement of health arterial the prevention of disease. Health concerns such as basis disease, diabetes and plumpness are on the rise and the best treatment is a austere athletic diet and exercise. Aerobic exercise can help burn fat and abate the arbitrariness of or improve the condition of plumpness which in turn can author complications such as heart Cancer and diabetes. Even the most austere exercise program can help improve your health and ambiance of life. In order to accept these payback you need to get off of the couch and get started. Start slow with a austere walking program and progress evermore from there. The most important affair is to get started and make regular exercise a part of your each day routine.

Long-Term Investment Strategy

I work in Connecticut in Fairfield County, for those that dont know where that is its about 45 minutes outside of New York City.  I would think most people have a rough idea where that is and what goes on around there.

New York New York

Lots of my clients live in Connecticut and commute into the city for work.  What is the profession of most of these guys?  Investment banking.  Its actually rare and interesting when I have someone that isnt an investment banker!

Now if you get to talking to them about whos the top guy in their field or even if you have any vague interest in the topic at all you know whos top dog.  His name is Warren Buffet.

You see most people trade stocks, they buy and sell them day to day and hope that they move in the direction they are betting on.

Where did it all go??

Warren Buffet doesnt trade stocks, he invests in good companies.  Hows that working out for him?  Well hes one of the richest men in the world and one share of his company goes for well over $100,000.

Cool. Calm. Collected. And stinkin rich!!!

I heard a quote from him the other day that got me thinking, Im paraphrasing here so bear with me: Buy the best in breed and let time be your ally  So simple and yet so powerful!  Think about it: The game isnt won in a day, and you have to be in for the long haul to eliminate chance and come out ahead.

So how can this great advice be best translated into fitness terms?  I think it goes without saying that workout programs should be built around the foundational exercises and their variants.

Heres a short list:




Push Ups

Bench Press

Overhead Press


Chin Ups

Single Handed Rows

Two Handed Rows

If your workout program doesnt revolve around these exercises have you taken time to consider why not?

The back squat, approved by Arnold…… and used around the world!

Unless you have a damn good reason not to, you should be performing these movements often and measure progress in months and years not days and weeks: Thats the second take home point.

You cant expect to go through a 4 week exercise program and expect to have completely changed your body.  You have to exercise day in and day  out and your body will change at a gradual pace and this time next year you can be a completely different person.  Patience and perseverance pay off in a very big way when it comes to working out.  Bouncing around between different workout programs and exercises will always beat out sitting on the couch and eating pints of ice cream,

On second thought just stay home and have the ice cream!but it will never beat out a well thought out program that can stand the test of time.

Remember that you have to be making the right moves over an extended period of time to guarantee you come out ahead!

How To Lose Weight While Pregnant

There are circumstances in which women lose weight while pregnant. Most of these are not the fault of the mother. So long as your doctor is in the picture, they can ensure you have a healthy pregnancy.  With that said, in knowing how to lose weight while pregnant, you need to understand how dangerous this may be for both you and your unborn child. Please make sure you discuss this with your doctor.  Instead of trying to lose weight during your pregnancy, focus on making the best choices possible for you and your baby.

How to lose weight while pregnant – Here are a few of the things to keep in mind during your pregnancy:

Eat Healthy – This should be one of your number one priorities. It is crucial for both you and your baby that you fuel your body with healthy energy. Eating lots of fruits, vegetables, healthy whole grains, lean meats and low-fat milk products will give you the energy and your baby the nutrients you both need.

Drink Up – Your body is producing a lot of extra fluid volume right now and hence it needs you to drink more. Your best bet is water and 6-8 glasses a day should do the trick. If you are exercising you will require more. Try and stay away from sugar drinks and caffeine, as they are not good for you.  Caffeine just causes dehydration.

Lots of Rest – The demands on your body right now are amazing. There are reasons why you can hardly keep your eyes open at various points throughout the day! It is important that you listen to your body and get the extra rest you need. It may not always be agreeable with your boss but do the best you can.

Regular Exercise – Exercise not only makes you feel better, it will give you the extra energy you need to get through those trying times.  Being fit will also help your pregnancy run smoother as a whole and could very well shorten your delivery time. It makes sense because if you exercise, your body is running more efficiently. The bonus is that women, who exercise throughout their pregnancy, tend to not gain as much weight and they find it easier to drop the pounds after the delivery. It’s a win-win!

Doctor Meetings – It is very important that you go to your regular doctor visits while pregnant. Sometimes they seem like a waste of time but it is important that your doctor makes sure everything is in check and that you have someone to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

It is important that your focus not be on how to lose weight while pregnant, but rather taking care of yourself so you can take care of your baby. By managing your weight throughout pregnancy you will be well on your way to attaining a healthy weight after your little bundle of joy has arrived!