Are You Still Prepared To Do Nothing About Looking Fat

Over the holiday season, all of us eat and drink too much. Your day of reckoning will arrive soon. You will look at the mirror and you will feign shock about what you see. You will decide to go on a diet immediately. At that point, this article will be important to you.

Most people will try to lose the weight that they gained over the holiday season, by going on a diet. Unfortunately, going on a diet will not help them to lose what they are seeing in the mirror.

You dont see weight when you look at the mirror. What you see is fat. It could be around your waist, hips, thighs, legs, arms or face. This is what persuades you to go on a diet, but you dont lose fat by dieting.

It is very easy to pile on fat over the holiday season. You add fat to you body by eating more calories than you use. You gain 1 pound of fat per 3,500 calories that you consume, but dont use. Over the holiday season, you eat and drink more than usual, and you are probably less active than you usually are.

If you just reduce your consumption of calories so that it is less than the number of calories that you use, you wont lose the fat. You can only lose fat by exercising. Sadly, most people think that fat loss is the same as weight loss; it is not.

What Happens If You Diet, But Dont Exercise?

Dieting, without exercise, can result in weight loss. Your scales will confirm this. The weight loss will be due to a loss of water from your body and its muscles. You will not have lost fat. Whatsmore, it is almost certain that you will regain the weight that you lost, because you body will automatically replenish its water level when you finish the diet.

What Is the Answer?

To lose the unwanted fat that you see in the mirror, you must do a regular exercise routine that burns fat. You should also adopt a way of eating that helps your body to lose fat, from the exercise. There is much for you to learn about fat burning exercise and eating routines that help you to lose the fat.

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