Aerobic Exercise For The Heart

With concerns over the new health care bill and the continuous deteriorating of the nations health as a whole, more and more Americans are from to pay attention when experts speak on the area of health and exercise. Many people associate the area of exercise and fitness with body builders in a crowded gym but … Continue reading "Aerobic Exercise For The Heart"

Breaking Out!!!

I have been seriously reviewing my food intake the past couple of weeks.  I know that I make some good choices and some bad choices, but I want to see the scale move and I want to see the inches go down, so I thought I would try something different. The first part of the … Continue reading "Breaking Out!!!"

Anne Collins Weight Loss Program

My REAL Review Quite often, you have to “think outside the box” in order to discover the perfect weight loss program for you. It took several years and numerous heartbreaking failures before I found the perfect solution to reach my weight loss goals. The yo-yo dieting, the depressing regaining of weight and the feelings of … Continue reading "Anne Collins Weight Loss Program"