Breaking Out!!!

I have been seriously reviewing my food intake the past couple of weeks.  I know that I make some good choices and some bad choices, but I want to see the scale move and I want to see the inches go down, so I thought I would try something different.

The first part of the story for me is breaking out of my food comfort zone.  When I try and eat 100% healthy, I go to my staples; chicken breasts, carrrots, hummus, kale, tuna.the easy stuff.  I never really have given new recipes a try, unless someone makes it for me.  I am certainly not opposed to trying new foods, in fact I love food so much I will eat just about anything, but fundamentally I am lazy when it comes to shopping for and preparing food.  I have to get out of my own head and understand that this is something I have to do for my own wellness and not look at it like a chore.

I love seeing what people are preparing in our Challenge Groups and what people post that they had on social media.  I think that sharing these healthy food options with each other will help everyone understand how important eating healthier isincluding me!  We all need a little reminder every once in awhile!

The second thing I have done, is cut down the amount of alcohol that I consume.  It just is a no brainer.  (I know, no fun), but it really provides ZERO health benefits and has no nutritional value.  It is just empty calories.  If you are trying to loose weight, and you have alcohol every night, dont expect anything to change.  If you think about it, this is so easy to remove from your diet.  I am looking at it from the perspective that it is doing me absolutely no good to have a glass or two, or three of wine a night other than to be social and adult.  Am I going to give up alcohol forever.ummmmm no way, but I am going to be much more aware of it.

Instead of having wine and maybe some unhealthy snack, here is a fun snack that I tried last night while watching the Bachelor in Paradise!  😉  I had two of them and a cup of decaffeinated green tea and it was perfect.  Enjoy!