Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery

A breast lift surgery Boston can elevate sagging breasts to a more youthful position by removing excess skin and repositioning the nipples. Also known as mastopexy, this procedure is the only way to restore youthful elevation to the breasts.

Dr. Howrigan typically performs the breast lift surgery in Boston as an outpatient procedure that requires about 1-3 hours under general anesthesia.

Breast Lift Surgery Boston: How to Determine if You’re a Candidate

Plastic surgeons use an objective system of measurement to evaluate the degree of breast droop exhibited by a particular patient.  Sagging of the breasts (a condition called “breast ptosis”) can range from mild to severe.

  • Mild ptosis: The nipple is positioned level with breast fold
  • Moderate ptosis:  The nipple is positioned below the breast fold
  • Severe ptosis: The nipple is positioned lower than the breast and points downward

Even women of a relatively young age can exhibit breast ptosis. It may simply be an inherited condition, or it may be related to weight fluctuations and/or childbirth. Good candidates for breast lift surgery are healthy non-smokers who are motivated to correct breast ptosis.  For enduring results, Boston plastic surgeons typically advise patients to postpone breast lift surgery until after any planned pregnancies.

What to Expect During the Breast Lift Boston Procedure

Although general anesthesia is most common, Dr. Howrigan may recommend local anesthesia for select breast lift surgery patients.

To elevate the breasts lift procedure, the doctor must make an incision around the nipple, followed by a vertical incision below the nipple and another within the breast crease. Tissue is then removed and reshaped, while the nipple is repositioned.  This technique, utilizing an anchor-shaped incision, is the traditional method. In some cases, less extensive methods may be appropriate.

If you have mild breast ptosis, Dr. Howrigan may use a circular incision around the nipple.  This donut-shaped incision allows for a limited but sufficient amount of skin removal for adequate elevation when mild breast ptosis is present.

Recovering After Breast Lift Surgery

Because breast surgery procedures vary, the post-operative experience also varies for each patient.  Expect about 1-2 weeks of downtime after your breast lift procedure.

Once your breast lift surgery is complete, the incisions will be closed with sutures and covered in gauze and tape.  The tape is removed after about 1 week, but you will need to wear a special supportive bra for 3-4 weeks after breast lift surgery.  Dr. Howrigan will prescribe pain medications to help you control discomfort during your recovery.

What would you like to know about breast lift surgery in Boston?  You can receive answers by sending us an email or contacting our Boston area Best plastic surgery office to schedule a consultation. Boston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Peggy Howrigan can explain the risks, benefits, costs and other details during your visit.

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