Breaking Out!!!

I have been seriously reviewing my food intake the past couple of weeks.  I know that I make some good choices and some bad choices, but I want to see the scale move and I want to see the inches go down, so I thought I would try something different.

The first part of the story for me is breaking out of my food comfort zone.  When I try and eat 100% healthy, I go to my staples; chicken breasts, carrrots, hummus, kale, tuna.the easy stuff.  I never really have given new recipes a try, unless someone makes it for me.  I am certainly not opposed to trying new foods, in fact I love food so much I will eat just about anything, but fundamentally I am lazy when it comes to shopping for and preparing food.  I have to get out of my own head and understand that this is something I have to do for my own wellness and not look at it like a chore.

I love seeing what people are preparing in our Challenge Groups and what people post that they had on social media.  I think that sharing these healthy food options with each other will help everyone understand how important eating healthier isincluding me!  We all need a little reminder every once in awhile!

The second thing I have done, is cut down the amount of alcohol that I consume.  It just is a no brainer.  (I know, no fun), but it really provides ZERO health benefits and has no nutritional value.  It is just empty calories.  If you are trying to loose weight, and you have alcohol every night, dont expect anything to change.  If you think about it, this is so easy to remove from your diet.  I am looking at it from the perspective that it is doing me absolutely no good to have a glass or two, or three of wine a night other than to be social and adult.  Am I going to give up alcohol forever.ummmmm no way, but I am going to be much more aware of it.

Instead of having wine and maybe some unhealthy snack, here is a fun snack that I tried last night while watching the Bachelor in Paradise!  😉  I had two of them and a cup of decaffeinated green tea and it was perfect.  Enjoy!

Anne Collins Weight Loss Program

My REAL Review

Quite often, you have to “think outside the box” in order to discover the perfect weight loss program for you. It took several years and numerous heartbreaking failures before I found the perfect solution to reach my weight loss goals. The yo-yo dieting, the depressing regaining of weight and the feelings of inadequacy that consumed me for most of my life are all eradicated forever.

This is my own personal story that I am sharing. I am posting my Anne Collins Weight Loss Program review for all of the heartbroken, depressed, and lonely people that are discouraged with their weight loss struggle. I am here to let you know that there is a weight loss solution for you. Do not give up and succumb to feeling depressed for the rest of your life. Do something “real” about it, like I did.

Please note that this is my review, if you wish to visit the Anne Collins’ Weight Loss Program website.

Reluctance Is Natural

With all of the money-hungry scams that are posted all over the internet, and my numerous attempts at weight loss programs that were destined to fail the moment they were started, it was only natural to be skeptical about the promises that these programs made. Although I was reluctant to spend more money on yet another weight loss program, I promised myself that I would give it just one more try. I did quite a bit of research. I read reviews on the internet written by people that tried and succeeded with Anne Collins’ Weight Loss Program. I started to become intrigued with the Anne Collins diets. I researched every bit of information that I could possibly unearth relating to her program. I was finally convinced after weeks of postponing the inevitable; I had to try the program:even if it was the last one I ever attempted. I finally resolved myself to trying the Anne Collins Diet Plan out:it was time to give this weight loss battle one final endeavor. And I have to admit: It was the best thing that I ever did in my entire life.

The Mastermind Behind the Program

Anne Collins, a renowned Irish nutritionist, has compiled her expertise into an immense wealth of information. Anne has provided support for over 25 years to more than 250,000 people situated around the world. Since the early 1980’s, she has been a certified nutritionist and diet consultant. She has also contributed her know-how to newspapers and magazines on the niches of health and weight loss. Today, she offers the Anne Collins Weight Loss Program to people like me and you who have fought excess weight and hurdled through program after program to achieve our weight loss goals. The irony of this program is disclosed by Anne Collins herself: there are no new-fangled fads, no innovative plans, and no revolutionary and unprecedented concepts. What she provides are several tried-and-true plans that have, over the years, proven to work for anyone, accompanied by her personal support throughout the program. In addition, there are no off-limit foods, like most diet programs. If there is anything that I want to say in my Anne Collins Weight Loss Program review, it is this: Who doesn’t love a weight loss program that allows you to eat the foods that you like?

How the Program Worked For Me

The small fee that is required will open up the doors to a members-only section on the Anne Collins Diet Plan website for 12 full months. Incorporated in the members section are a private support forum and an all-access pass to several of her information packed e-books.

How did this program work for me?

Not everyone is going to lose weight with the same exact method. That is why Anne Collins has developed a selection of plans that are individualized and specifically outlined for success. The choices are: Low Carb Diet, 14-Day Low Calorie Booster Diet, No-Nonsense Balanced Weight Loss Diet, Low Glycemic Diet, Cholesterol-Lowering Diet, 10-Minute Meals Diet, Vegetarian Quick-Start Diet, Diet for Life and Vegetarian Diet for Life. As you can see, there is a great selection for everyone interested in losing weight. Choosing the right one was easy for me, because Anne Collins has structured one of her pages specifically for aiding members with making the best decision for their lifestyle and needs. I’m not much of a vegetarian, and my stamina for long-term goals was depleted by the time I discovered Anne Collins’ Weight Loss Program, so I opted for the 14-Day Low Calorie Booster Diet to get a jump start on weight loss.

Better Well-Being

All of the programs outlined in the e-books cite several different health conditions, including PCOS and Diabetes, and presents ideas and recommendations for eating towards better overall health and well-being. The Low Gylcemic Plan is geared toward people who suffer these issues and contains structured meal proposals and daily plans, including portion sizes and yummy foods. If baked chicken breast, smoothies, and baked cod sound delicious, you will love the Anne Collins Weight Loss Diet Program.

Cost Vs. Benefit: You Won’t Find Better Value

I weighed out the cost versus the benefits for the Anne Collins Weight Loss Program, and I’ll put it this way: most e-books are going to charge you the same amount for one book. Anne gives you 9 books for the price of one, plus ongoing support and access to the member area on her website for a whole year for the price of one bottle of diet pills! Anne even includes her own personal email to contact her through. The value of the whole program is priceless, because, for me, it actually worked. What price would you pay for a diet plan that finally worked?

The support forum came in handy when I wanted to exchange certain foods on the menus that I wasn’t inclined to eat for substitutions that were comparable and delectable, in my opinion. With the 14-Day regimen that I chose, the 1,000 calorie diet was perfect for a quick and easy start. I would certainly recommend trying several different options and meal plans. They are all excellent for losing weight and maintaining a healthy body.

Don’t just listen to what I have said in my Anne Collins Weight Loss Program review:do the research on your own as well. Look up info about Anne Collins and her program. I’m sure that you will find plenty of reviews and information to encourage you to try this weight loss program yourself:but before you do, prepare yourself to say goodbye to that excess weight for the rest of your life.