The Truth about Comforters and Bed Spreads

The Truth about Comforters and Bed Spreads

When you start shopping for bedding it can get very confusing between all the different brands, materials, sizes, designs in all the different types of comforters and bed spreads on the market today. If you are like most people you are wondering what is the difference between these two items then hopefully this article will help you which you prefer to have sitting on your bed.


They have been designed to sit on the top of a bed. Not to cover it entirely but to sit just below the pillows on your bed. Then you would purchase a bed skirt to match your bedding so that it covers the box springs of your mattress. This one is the smaller of the two and you will find this type of bedding comes in every size from twin all the way up to king sizes. This type of bed covering isn’t just to make everything look pretty. It is very functional and warm and comfortable for you to use as you bed blanket. You can find a lot of different types of this bedding and some even are quilted or reversible.

Bed Spreads

They are designed to cover the entire bed as well as the pillows and then cover the box springs.  This is the bigger option of the two types of bed coverings. However you will find that there are sizes for every bed in this type of bed covering. This type of bed covering is not a blanket but rather is just to make your bed look tidy and pretty when you are not in it. The fabric is much more delicate and you won’t want to wash it as often as you might the other bedding on your bed.

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No matter which type you choose whether it’s one of the other or even if you want both you will love how beautiful they look on your bed.